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Extend your stay in Vietnam

This section explains the customer how to apply to their visa extension for the temporary staying permission in Vietnam with the purpose for visiting relatives, traveling, business or others.

Extending Vietnam visa must be applied some days before your visa expired date. That is, it takes 7 working days to finish as submitting your passport and requirement at Vietnam Immigration Department Office.

You have opportunity to extend your stay in Vietnam by visa extension and renewal. So what is difference between a visa extension and renewal? Please note that visa extension or renewals belongs to your current visa.

1. Visa Extension means that you will have new staying duration permission in Vietnam.

Please remember that you are allowed to stay more in Vietnam without reentering if you exit Vietnam before your visa expired.

So it means you must apply new visa if you wish to come back Vietnam after leaving. Hence the extension fee is much cheaper than renewal fee.

In order to apply visa extension, your current visa has to meet some requirements of Vietnam Immigration Department.

– Your current visa type has to be correspondent to your staying extending requirement.

Stay in 1 more month: If your current visa is 1 month single, 1 month multiple, 3 month single or 3 month multiple entry visa, you are allowed apply to extend visa in 1 more month.

Stay in 3 more months: If your current visa is 3 month single or 3 month multiple entry visa, you can apply to extend visa in 3 more months

2. Renewal Visa means that you are granted a new visa stamp and visa sticker on your passport with the new duration permission.

The staying length is valid maximum in 3 months. Moreover the visa renewal fee is higher than the visa extension fee because we have to pay stamping fee and visa sticker fee for you. Visa renewal is ready for someone who:

– Entered Vietnam with visa exemption.

– Has current visa is not correspondent to your staying extending requirement.

If you would like to upgrade your current visa from 1 month to 3 month, you have to apply to renew 3 month single entry or 3 month multiple entry.

If you would like to upgrade your current visa from single entry to multiple entry, you have to apply to renew visa.

– Wish to get multiple entry visa in 1 month and 3 months.


In order to apply your Vietnam visa extension or visa renewal the staying temporary permission, please provide below necessary information to our email address hotro@dulichthaiduong.com

  • Passport scan
  • Current visa scan
  • Immigration stamp
  • Latest date of entry
  • Your current address in Vietnam

We will inform what you have to do and how much you have to pay.

Please feel free to contact us if you need support or information!

About Visa Thái Dương Company

Vietnam Visa Extension Service
Vietnam Visa Extension Service

Thai Duong Visa is a tourism company in Thai Duong Tourism. The main field is the extension of the Vietnam visa for foreigners and the official entry for Vietnam for foreign citizens difficult.

In addition, Visa also specializes in services:

– Make travel visa, visiting relatives, work.

– Doing Vietnamese criminal history for foreigners.

– Make a temporary residence card for outsiders.

– Urgent Vietnamese entry (1 day).

Xin công văn thương mại cho quốc tịch Nhật Bản.

– Extension of Vietnam visa urgent (1-3 days).

– Visa at Moc Bai international border gate. (Included instructions).

– Free consultation visa service.

Office address: 268 Cong Hoa, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh.

Hotline: 1900 9227 Nhánh 2 hoặc 091.594.6427 – Mr. Sang (Call, Zalo, Viber, Whatsapp)

Email: hotro@dulichthaiduong.com

Website: https://xingiahanvisa.net (Vietnam) | https://visathaiduong.com (English)


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